Blow Drying Your Hair To Prepare For Braiding

Before you do anything- check with your braider. I know, wild concept, but hear me out. Most importantly, it is probably because your braider prefers your hair clean and dry with no product. Believe it or not, the less product you come in with, the easier our job is. It may not sound like much, but even an oil that doesn’t “agree with” the gel your braider uses can completely change the quality of your braids. Let me dive a little deeper.

In my braiding services, I include a shampoo and blowout in the price listed- And I suggest to the braiders I mentor, to do the same. 

  • If clients ask, I always offer a shampoo/blowdry as it gives me assurance that the hair will be clean and product free prior to starting the braid service.
  • I prefer to do the extra work if it means the final product will look cleaner. Use a clarifying shampoo when you do, and a deep conditioner after.
  • Shoutout to My Black Is Beautiful Clarifying Shampoo & Conditioner- not only does it smell amazing but it works so well. Not sponsored- just love the stuff.

If your braider DOES NOT include or offer a shampoo and blowout prior to your braid service- then yes. I highly suggest shampooing, and blow drying your hair as smooth as you can, before going in for your service. I guarantee- your braider will be very grateful.

What are the Benefits of Blow-drying hair before Braiding?

Cleaner braids. Why get an A- when you could get an A+ am I right? That’s the difference.

Clean Canvas:

Starting with a clean canvas is essential for braids. Because gell and other products are used during the service, braiders need the hair to be as clean as possible prior to starting.

Painters don’t normally start painting on a canvas that’s covered in layers of paste- they start with a clean canvas. Same with braiders.


There is nothing wrong with braiding hair that’s curly- I’ve done it several times. If I have the choice though, I prefer to braid hair that’s been smoothed by a blow dryer first.

Only because it makes parting the hair easier (IMO) and also makes the braids appear smoother and longer as well.

Long Lasting Style: 

Braiding wet hair is NEVER recommended by me. It can cause frizziness but mos importantly it can cause a build up of moisture on the scalp that can lead to seborrheic dermatitis (to be frank- it looks like cornflakes on your scalp).

If you leave this blog with nothing else, other than the knowledge of not going to sleep with wet hair or getting braided while wet- I am perfectly happy with that.

With all these tips- your braids will now be set up for success to last as long as humanly possible. 

Stay braided my friends.