The cost of getting braided seems like the wild wild west. To the outsider it makes so sense whatsoever and half the time (from what I hear from clients) you feel like you’re getting taken advantage of.

The reality? The factors usually are, the type of style, how much hair you have, the complexity and most importantly- the experience of your stylist.

When I teach people how to braid, I have a whole section on how to price your work. Here’s how I break it down:

1. Where do you live? Only because, you could be absolutely FIRE and the best braider in the country. But if you live in Nebraska (or really just a small town where the cost of living is low and minimum wage is low) you are kind of locked into a certain price. Especially if you want to be busy all day long 3-4 days a week. Cost of living matters. However- I do know of braiders who live outside of a big city and are able to charge more because of it. Because people are willing to drive for good quality services.

Which brings me to my next point.

2. Charge based on your quality. If you are just starting out braiding, please be realistic and recognize with honest eyes, that you need to charge like you’re a beginner. Under promise and over deliver on your services until you feel confident enough to charge what you want. Ignorance will make you fast money but not long lasting money.

3. Decide what you need to financially make. Be honest with yourself again- what do you NEED to make to survive, and what do you WANT to make. Break that down into an hourly payment and build from there.

4. Extra services. Are you charging for shampoo and detangling if needed? Or is it included in your prices already. This absolutely matters for the bottom line. I fit takes an extra hour to shampoo and detangle? YOU NEED TO CHARGE EXTRA.

Based off of all this information for the stylist- CLIENTS you should consider these factors too. Decide what you want, look at where you live, adjust your expectations and go from there.


The quick answer? Braids can cost anywhere from $50-$300+ depending on these factors.